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I create sculptural works that challenge the assumptions we impose upon everyday objects and materials. I often co-opt the utility and materiality of domestic forms, transforming things like tables and chairs, all crafted by hand, into wild, ornate, lyrical compositions or evacuating these objects of their use by reductively distilling them into formal minimalist constructs. By connecting the controlled, functional nature of household products to their unruly, natural sources or by channeling the very simplicity of the culturally-charged meanings they've accrued beyond their empirical worth, I encourages the viewer to reconsider the sources of "known".

Pontus Willfors was born in Sweden but live and work in Los Angels since 2005. He graduated from CalArts in 2009. He has shown his work at galleries and museums domestically and internationally, including Dallas, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Berlin, Rotterdam and Vancouver. His work can be found in multiple public and private art collections, including the West Collection and the Beth DeWoody collection. He is represented by DENK Gallery.

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